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Sacramento County History Day

National History Day (NHD) is a premier competition that engages more than half a million students nationally.  As part of NHD, Sacramento County History Day (SCHD) allows students to participate in authentic, challenging, project-based learning that lasts an entire school year.  Students select topics and research them as historians would – by using libraries, archives, museums and oral history interviews.  Their analysis and interpretations come together with the facts and evidence they've gathered to become their final projects.



​Students may participate as individuals or in groups of two to five people. Below are the six contest categories students may use to develop their project:

​​Types of Projects

When is History Day?


The Sacramento County History Day Competition will take place in March.
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Students may participate in one of three divisions which are based on their grade level.  The divisions are:


Elementary        grades 4-5

Junior                  grades 6-8

Senior                 grades 9-12

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